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Situated in the abode of lord Buddha, Siddharth University was established as a State University, in June 2015, at Kapilvastu, Siddharth Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India. The University has an objective of enlightening and igniting the young minds while blending traditional wisdom with modern education. This center of higher learning is focused on serving the world with the qualified and skilled manpower who have high moral and ethical values. Buddha’s path of inquiry is the core of the learning and academic rigor at Siddharth University. Over a period the University had gained its reputation for its academic distinction and adapting the contemporary practices with agility and speed, in academic process, community engagement, technology and in governance. The University currently caters to nearly two hundred thousand students across the two hundred and seventy nine affiliated colleges as well as in campus.

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Smt. Anandiben Patel

Hon’ble Chancellor & H.E. Governor of U.P.

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Prof. Hari Bahadur Shrivastava

Vice Chancellor

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  • 1. Masters of Arts ( Ancient History )
  • 2. Masters of Arts ( Sociology )
  • 3. Masters of Arts ( Psychology )
  • 4. Masters of Arts ( HISTORY )
  • 5. Masters of Arts ( Economics )
  • 6. Masters of Arts ( Political Science )

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