From the desk of Vice-Chancellor


Prof. Hari Bahadur Shrivastava


Vice Chancellor

Siddharth University, Kapilvastu, Siddharth Nagar-272202

Knowledge economy has an important role in helping our country to become economic and spiritual superpower. Universities have a central role to play in this respect not only through quality education but also though shaping the future generation to be human in the real sense of the term.

It is a great privilege and honour for me to work at Siddharth University Kapilvastu, Siddharth established on 17 June, 2015. This University is unique in the respect of its place, circumstance and perspective as it is established in the pious of Kapilvastu where prince Siddharth later Buddha spent his earlier life, the timing of its establishment is peculiar as the whole humanity is suffering with anguish, pain and grief only the message of Buddha could help them to alleviate their agony. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the soil and milieu of not only Kapilvastu but of Siddharth University is a sine qua non for anybody to become truly human beings-a balanced human being internally as well as externally.

With the above vision we at Siddharth University are endeavouring our best to impart the light and messages of Buddha to our Students of all discipline of knowledge. Buddha for the first time clarified that neither problems of life can be analysed through nor can its solution be found in scriptures, but only through analysis and deliberation. It was due to this that Buddha can be termed as the first and the only scientist of the Religion (Dharma). Reverence and faith are not a pre-condition with Buddha. 'Only Understanding-awareness is sufficient with Buddha to become human in the real sense of the term.

Buddha's main insistence was on Experience. This is the only vision which helps us to understand the reality in their totality. This deliberation of life and world in their totally, multiplicity and multiple dimensions helps us to see 'the Truth'. It actually is the power of thought which provides meaning to the experience, but this existence of thought is valid only in reference to experience, devoid of which, thought in itself is void. Thought has no existence without experience. It is due to this fact that the questions and problems raised by Buddha were Existential and not the metaphysical.

Buddha was himself a Teacher par-excellence who used to convey his message through simple similes like cart's wheel and man's shadow so that his teaching could be understood by all as his disciples come from all walks and sections of the society; likewise the faculties of the university try their best to impart teaching in the language and form easily accessible to the students. The teaching of the Buddha was not simply for intellectual or metaphysical entertainment as said earlier but they were meant for practical action in life so as to bring inner transformation of the mankind. International Buddhist Centre established vide letter no 1086/सत्तर -4-2018-386 (बौद्ध संस्कृत)/2018 dated 10 August 2018 by the Government of Uttar Pradesh dedicated to the study, teaching and analysis of Buddha's thought based on experience in its multifaceted dimension in modern perspectives will definitely help us to realise this goal.

University provides quality education in the subjects Economies, History, Urdu, Ancient History, Geography, Psychology, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Sanskrit in the faculty of Arts : Maths, Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Bio-technology and Home Science in the faculty of Science and MBA, BBA, B.Com in the faculty of Commerce.

At present UG and PG Courses in the faculty of Commerce and PG Courses in the select Departments of Arts viz. Hindi, English, Ancient History, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, History, Public Administration and Sanskrit are running and imparting quality education to the students.

We are determined to start the PG Courses in the faculty of the Science and rest of the subjects in the faculty of Arts very soon. To open the faculty of Education, Agriculture and Law as early as possible is in our top priority list.

International Buddhist Centre (Centre of Excellence for Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism) will in-itself be a centre par excellence where study, teaching and research of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism will be undertaken along with its related Indian and other Indian languages. We are sure that the centre will definitely herald a new era for mankind by making explicit, the implicit meaning, the essence, the core of all the above ancient Dharmas so that both material progress (Abhyudaya) and rational progress (Nihshreyash) of mankind could be actualized, through the motto of the university "अत्त दीपो भव" |

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